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Arrangements for Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) for Semester One 2022/23

The new academic year will start on 5 September 2022.  Please take note of the following arrangements for learning, teaching and assessment for Semester One. In view of the recent epidemic situation in Hong Kong as well as the vaccine pass arrangements for campus access, the College has decided to resume normal learning and teaching activities in Semester One 2022/23.


Full resumption of face-to-face (f2f) learning and teaching activities

General learning and teaching activities

Face-to-face (f2f) learning and teaching activities will be resumed in Semester One.  Students shall attend all general learning and teaching activities, e.g. lectures, tutorials, etc., face-to-face on campus.  All lectures, seminars and tutorials will be video-taped and uploaded to the e-Learning platform, Moodle, for students' reference and revision.


Essential learning and teaching activities

Essential learning and teaching activities, such as practicums, clinical skills training, laboratory and studio sessions as deemed mandatory will continue to be conducted f2f on campus.


Students who are outside Hong Kong

If you are currently outside Hong Kong or plan to travel outside Hong Kong, you are advised to come back to Hong Kong and complete quarantine arrangements before the start of Semester One (i.e. 5 September 2022) to continue with your studies.


When you plan your trip back, please make advance arrangements to meet the HKSAR Government's boarding and quarantine requirements (e.g. travel and accommodation arrangements).


Assessment arrangements

Subject assessment can take the form of on-campus invigilated examination, online invigilated examination, take-home examination or continuous assessment etc.  Students are advised to check the mode of assessment for individual subjects for making necessary arrangements, e.g. making travel arrangements back to Hong Kong for on-campus examinations and making ready the requisite devices (e.g. notebook, camera and other necessary electronic devices) for online invigilated examinations.  Students should bear in mind that in case the epidemic situation worsens significantly, on-campus examinations may be replaced by alternative assessment formats.


Students should also take note that f2f activities may be reviewed with reference to the latest health and travel advice as issued by the HKSAR Government if the COVID-19 epidemic situation worsens significantly.


If you have any questions, please contact us by the following ways:

Please stay vigilant and well. We look forward to welcoming you to the start of the new academic year.


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