A PolyU SPEED Part-time Degree Brings You More Benefits… | PolyU SPEED

A PolyU SPEED Part-time Degree Brings You More Benefits…

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A PolyU SPEED Part-time Degree Brings You More Benefits…

A PolyU SPEED Part-time Degree Brings You More Benefits…

PolyU SPEED Part-time Degrees

Support Your Part-time Degree Study with Scholarships of up to HK$110,000 


Unusual among part-time degree programmes offered in Hong Kong, students of PolyU SPEED part-time programmes admitted in the 2024/25 academic year may get scholarships of up to HK$110,000 during their studies:

  • Admission/Progressing Scholarships for Excellent Performance: up to HK$100,000; and
  • Top Student Award: HK$10,000

Click here for details.

PolyU SPEED offers 20 part-time articulation honours degree programmes in 2024/25 to help working adults obtain a degree awarded by PolyU while working full-time – in as short as 3 years.
To know more about how a PolyU SPEED part-time degree brings you more benefits, don’t miss the section “Why PolyU SPEED Part-time Degrees” after the list of part-time programmes below.



Accounting and Finance

Building, Surveying and Property Management




Health, Information Technology and Data Science

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Language and Communication


Social Sciences and Humanities


Why PolyU SPEED Part-time Degrees

Upgrading your qualifications through part-time degree study can change your career future. The part-time degree programmes of PolyU SPEED, in particular, offer back-to-school working adults the following benefits:
Finance your study with scholarships and income
  • As a part-time student of PolyU SPEED, you may get scholarships of up to a total of HK$110,000 during your studies:
      Admission/Progressing Scholarships for Excellent Performance: up to HK$100,000; and
      Top Student Award: HK$10,000
    For details, please visit www.speed-polyu.edu.hk/admission/scholarships-studentships.  

  • You can earn a living and finance your study with your income.

  • You can balance your career commitments and learning needs.

Well-recognised degree conducive to your future career
  • All part-time/full-part degrees of PolyU SPEED are awarded by PolyU, one of the top 0.5% universities worldwide.

  • Earning a well-recognised degree will make you more competitive.

  • Most employers are willing to support employees in upgrading their qualifications with a reputable institution like PolyU SPEED.

  • A higher qualification is an important determining factor when you are being appraised or considered for promotion by your employer.

Professionally accredited/recognised programmes enhancing your workplace knowledge and skills
  • Some part-time degree programmes of PolyU SPEED are accredited/recognised by professional bodies; Close linkage and affiliation with professional bodies will greatly facilitate your future professional career in your chosen field.

  • While hands-on experience is essential, classroom knowledge can greatly broaden your perspective and offer you new insights and solutions to various workplace issues.

  • You can apply the latest knowledge and skills learned to the workplace to enhance your job performance and work efficiency.


Extensive alumni network helping you stay connected
  • When you graduate, you can join the SPEED Alumni Association and the Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations with a huge network of over 400,000 members.

  • You can come into contact with people from different backgrounds, be they professionals in your field or experts in other areas, and learn from each other’s experience and expertise.

  • With such an extensive personal network, you can keep abreast of the latest trends and developments.


Flexibility in duration of study – all at your own pace
  • Among the 20 part-time programmes of PolyU SPEED, 13 are offered in 3-year mode and 7 in 4-year mode.

  • You may apply to take more subjects in each semester (subject to the School’s approval) to complete a 4-year programme in as short as 3 years.

  • You may also apply for extending the duration of your part-time study (subject to the School’s approval) for up to two more years.