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Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)

About IIDS
The Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS) aims to enhance academics’ research capability in the local self-financing degree-awarding institutions and keep them abreast of new developments and challenging research topics in relevant fields. 
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About the Funded Research Project

Project TitleEmerging Research Directions on Adoption of Electric Vehicles for the Development of Smart Cities through Complementary Policy and Green Financing: GBA as the Cluster for Technological Innovation
Reference NumberUGC/IIDS24/E01/20
Duration12 months

The central government has introduced a series of incentive policies to stimulate the rapid development of the Great Bay Area (GBA) as a cluster of technological innovation in China. Hong Kong, as a leading metropolis in the GBA, is now facing both opportunities and challenges under the global concerns over climate change. Technological innovation and related applications, in particular, electric vehicles (EVs) and smart cities, developed for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions could be one viable and feasible direction of Hong Kong’s strategic industrial development for its low-carbon, sustainable economy. 


This project aims to organize a series of workshops, seminars and one regional symposium to study and research on the promotion and implementation of EVs in the smart city like Hong Kong. The workshops, seminars and symposium will mainly cover the region of Asia-Pacific, tackling technological challenges and economic issues related to the implementation of EVs and smart cities. This project will collaborate with the Digital Grid Futures Institute (DGFI) of University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia. Through this collaboration, this project aims to contribute in knowledge exchange and research co-operation in the Asia-Pacific region. It may also enhance the quality of local teaching through international scholarly exchange and collaboration.

Project Team & Organizing Committee


Dr. Artie W. Ng

Dr. Andrew Wu
Dr. Nancy Guo

UNSW DGFIProf. Joe Dong
Dr. Ke Meng