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SPEED Research Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To develop internal regulations and administrative procedures to facilitate research and other scholarly activities in SPEED
  • To facilitate development of applications for external research grants
  • To monitor the progress and quality of RGC-supported research and other scholarly activities in SPEED
  • To consider resources in support of implementation of research and scholarly activities, including conferences, workshops and seminars, etc.


Terms of Office and Period of Appointment

  • The term of office of the Chairman shall normally be three academic years. The term of office of the members shall normally be two academic years. A review of membership shall be carried out annually. The Chairman and all members are eligible for re-nomination and re-appointment. (There is no limit on the number of times of re-nomination and re-appointment.)
  • The total number of members should not normally exceed eight.
  • The Unit Head may nominate himself/herself as the Chairman. If he/she is not the Chairman, he/she shall be an ex-officio member.


Frequency of Meetings

This committee should meet as frequently as necessary, preferably not less than once every semester.



ChairpersonA senior academic staff  appointed by Director of SPEED
Ex-officio memberDirector of SPEED
Members*Up to 6 members, preferably, from at least one member of academic staff from each rank and each discipline, appointed by Director of SPEED
SecretaryA non-academic staff at the rank of Officer or above, appointed by Director of SPEED


While the SPEED Research Committee intends to ascertain a wide representation in the School, Unit Head should take into consideration a staff member’s research capability and research administration experience in the appointment of members in the Committee.