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Application Fee / Tuition Fees & Payment Methods

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Payment Methods for Application Fee

The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please settle the application fee as soon as you have submitted the application and by the specified due date.


Only paid applications will be processed. Applicants can login to the SPEED Online Application For Admission (OAA) to check the payment status 2 working days (or 5 working days if the payment is made outside Hong Kong) after the payment.


1. PolyU Online Payment Portal (POPP)

You can settle the application fee by the PolyU Online Payment Portal (POPP). Steps are as follows:

  1. Click the link directing to “PolyU Online Payment Portal” on the Acknowledgement page after you have submitted your online application through SPEED Online Application For Admission (OAA), or at section View Application/ Registration Fees Payment Status after logging in the SPEED Online Application For Admission (OAA).
  2. Get a valid Visa, Master, or UnionPay (CUP) card ready.
  3. Enter your item remarks (optional), “Name of Payer (i.e. Applicant’s Name)” and “Email Address”.
  4. Select the type of card, i.e. Visa/Master or UnionPay, for processing your payment.
  5. Click “Process Payment” and you will be prompted to the payment gateway website.
  6. Check Transaction Details and enter your Credit Card Information as requested, then click “Pay Now”.
  7. If you have registered for “Verified by Visa” or “Master Secure Code”, you might be redirected to your card issuing bank and required to enter a password for authentication. Otherwise, your card issuer may decline the online payment request. If you have any query about the registration, please contact your card issuing bank.
  8. A “Payment Successful” or “Payment Declined/Cancelled” page will be prompted. For successful payment, please print the confirmation page for record. A payment acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to you if a correct e-mail address is provided.


2. ATM Bill Payment Service (ATM)

  1. Select Bill Payment
  2. Select Education Institutions
  3. Select "The Hong Kong Polytechnic University"
  4. Key in “01” as bill type
  5. Key in the 8-digit debit note no. and total amount of the debit note
  6. Select your payment account
  7. Keep the customer advice for verification viii. Check your payment status after 2 working days of settlement


3. PPS Bill Payment Service (PPS) (Merchant code: 77)

By internet:

By phone:

  1. Register the debit note no. at 18011 (English) or 18013 (Cantonese)
  2. Settle the debit note at 18031 (English) or 18033 (Cantonese)
  3. Note: PPS Information Hotline:  900 00 222 329 (English)   900 00 222 328 (Cantonese)

Check your payment status after 2 working days of settlement.


4. Internet Banking Bill Payment Service (Including Credit Card)

If you wish to make payment by credit card which is issued by financial institutions in Hong Kong, you may pay via Internet Banking Bill Payment Service with the selection of your credit card as payment account without incurring additional bank charges. For details, please check with your card issuing bank.

  1. Login to Internet Banking
  2. Select Bill Payment Service
  3. Add New Merchant
  4. Select "Education Institution" or "Post-secondary or Specialised Education" as Category
  5. Select "The HK Polytechnic University" as Merchant
  6. Select "01" or "N/A" as Bill Type
  7. Key in 8-digit debit note number as Bill Payee Account No.
  8. Select the payment account (e.g. savings / current / credit card, etc.)
  9. Enter total amount on debit note
  10. Enter the pay on date
  11. Print /save the confirmation page with reference number
  12. Check your payment status after 2 working days of settlement.


5. Flywire 飞汇 (for payments outside Hong Kong. Expenses on exchange rate and/or other charges may apply)

By making payment with Flywire, you can pay securely from almost any country/region and any bank, typically in your local currency, as well as:

  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions 24/7


Depending on your remitting country, Flywire offers multiple payment options which currently include:

  • Domestic Bank Transfer
  • UnionPay
  • Alipay
  • ebanking
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Paypal


Though PolyU and Flywire do not charge a fee for this service, students are reminded to note the cost differences in their local currency under different payment options before confirming a payment.


To get started, go to the payment page below and select the country from which funds will be sending:


Payment status will be updated in about 5 working days.  If your payment status is not updated after 5 working days, you may email the scanned copy of the payment proof to us with your student number or application number at

FOR HELP OR FURTHER INFORMATION ON PAYMENT VIA FLYWIRE, please refer to the Flywire Payer Guide , 飞汇付款指南 or visit Flywire Help for more information on:

  • Customer Support Hotline and Email
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions