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Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research (CAHMR)

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PolyU SPEED aspires to make a difference to our community. One grand challenge facing Hong Kong today is the wellbeing of an ageing population and its impacts on the sustainability of the health and long-term care system. The Chief Executive, in the 2017 Policy Address, raised her concerns on the care for the elderly and pledged to devise a variety of support measures for elderly care services. It is clear that more concerted efforts among researchers, practitioners and policy makers are needed to tackle this grand challenge.


To respond to this challenge, SPEED proposes to establish the Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research (CAHMR), leveraging the expertise and interest among faculty members, connecting them from a diverse array of disciplines and cultivating their scholarship in the realms of health care, health services management, finance, information technology, data science, public policy, marketing and hospitality management. The goal is to develop CAHMR into a centre of excellence with four fundamental objectives:

  1. generating novel and useful knowledge;
  2. developing research capabilities of faculty members;
  3. sharing insights with stakeholders; and
  4. informing curriculum development across related academic programmes.


Specific deliverables from this project include an efficient research infrastructure, regular network building conferences, impactful publications, relevant curriculum, and stakeholder dialogues.


To achieve these objectives and outcomes, this proposal seeks financial support to build the infrastructure for CAHMR, form multidisciplinary teams and partnerships within and outside SPEED, as well as set up a knowledge sharing platform. SPEED is granted a fund from Research Grants Council of University Grants Committee for the abovementioned programme activities during the three-year start-up phase. Subsequently, SPEED will sustain CAHMR through investing internal resources and obtaining external contributions. SPEED is confident that CAHMR will be able to sustain momentum, both financially and culturally, over time.


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The Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research was set up on 1 December 2018 and the Inauguration was held on 14 January 2019.


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Acknowledgement: The Centre was fully supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.: UGC/IDS24/18)