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PolyU SPEED Receives Research Grants Council’s Funding of HK$9.4 Million for 11 Projects in 2020/21

The Research Grants Council of the University Grants Committee has announced the funding results of the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector - Seventh Round Exercise (2020/21) recently. PolyU SPEED achieved the best ever results in the exercise, receiving a total funding of up to HK$9.4 million for 11 research projects. The outstanding results demonstrated PolyU SPEED’s capabilities in research and further affirmed the strong support from the institution.


The 11 funded research projects span various disciplines, including green energy, environmental science, material science, mechanical science, marketing, business strategy, humanities and social science, language and literature, etc. In the Institutional Development Scheme Research Infrastructure Grant, PolyU SPEED was awarded about HK$3 million for the establishment of the third Research Centre - Research Centre for Green Energy, Transport and Building. Supported by the Inter-institutional Development Scheme, PolyU SPEED was funded about HK$0.37 million for a collaboration project - “Emerging Research Directions on Adoption of Electric Vehicles for the Development of Smart Cities through Complementary Policy and Green Financing: GBA as the Cluster for Technological Innovation” with The University of New South Wales, a world-leading university. 


Professor LEUNG Chun-wah, CPCE Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of SPEED, was gratified by the excellent results.  “The number of research proposals we submitted this year was the highest in recent years, reflecting that more and more academic staff members are actively participating in research. Given the surge in demand for research development in self-financing institutions, we will continue to put more resources to support academic staff members in making more precise, innovative and breakthrough discoveries in research for the betterment of society.  I am confident that our experience and efforts will continue to guide us to strengthen our research capacity and foster a robust and vibrant research culture, thereby enabling the institution to fully develop its potential.” 


Dr Jack LO, Director of SPEED, said that research and scholarly activities enable academic staff members to realise their potential and keep abreast of the latest knowledge in their professional areas; such activities also serve to inform their teaching.  


Details regarding the funded research projects are as follows:

Institutional Development Scheme Research Infrastructure Grant

Establish the Research Centre for Green Energy, Transport and Building in PolyU SPEED


Research Team

Leader:Prof LEUNG, Chun-wah
Members:Dr NG, Artie
Dr LOH, Wai-keung Anthony 
Dr CHEN, Yi Cindy
Dr LAM, King-cheong Antony 
Dr LAM, Wai-ming Edmond
Dr LIANG, Shan-jun Junot
Dr WU, Yang Andrew
Dr ZHOU, Quan Ivy


Inter-institutional Development Scheme

Emerging Research Directions on Adoption of Electric Vehicles for the Development of Smart Cities through Complementary Policy and Green Financing: GBA as the Cluster for Technological Innovation (in collaboration with The University of New South Wales)


Research Team

Principal Investigator:Dr WU, Yang Andrew
Co- Principal Investigator:Dr NG, Artie
Members:Dr GUO, Nancy Songdon
Prof DONG, Joe (The University of New South Wales)
Dr MENG, Ke (The University of New South Wales)

Faculty Development Scheme

Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAwarded Amount 
Dr SO,  Chi-ho Joseph A Machine Learning Model for Recommendation System for Generic Competency Development in Higher Education989,798
Dr NG, Sun-pui ZeranceDevelopment of Plant Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites (PFRPCs) with Enhanced Mechanical and Flame-Retardant Properties905,955
Dr CHEN, Yi CindyTheoretical Investigation and Control Scheme Development of a Compact Desiccant-enhanced Evaporative Cooling System892,615
Dr LEUNG, Ka-shing WilsonTo Give or Not to Give? Investigating the Effects of Trust on Time Banking Participation: A Longitudinal Study in Hong Kong Aging Population713,100
Dr CHAU, Chun-pong JamesA low cost autopilot system for built environment applications622,250
Dr YAO, Shuiying JenniferDefiniteness marking, topicalization and disposal variations in the Chinese: Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Xiang and Min dialects569,732
Dr WAN, Kar-ho CalvinEnvironmental communications: Interplay effects between heterogeneous goal-framed messages on recycling behaviors492,300
Dr NG, Mei-lan PeggyPromoting Children’s Pro-environmental Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis488,246
Dr LEE, Suet-mui DaisyMotivating Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among College Students: A Social Marketing Intervention Study395,441