PolyU SPEED Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) - Full-time

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Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) - Full-time

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) - Full-time

Programme Code

84072 (Full-time)

Medium of Instruction

English (except for subjects to be taught in Chinese)

Programme Leader

Dr CHAN, Yui-choi Thomas


Assistant Programme Leader

Dr KWAN, Vivien


Commencement Date

02 Sep 2024

Normal Duration

2 years

Tuition Fee (Local students)

HK$3,410/ credit (DSR - Fieldwork placement subject)
HK$3,170/ credit (DSR - Other subjects)
HK$3,000/ credit (GUR subjects)

Tuition Fee (Non-local students)

HK$3,750/ credit (DSR - Fieldwork placement subject)
HK$3,485/ credit (DSR - Other subjects)
HK$3,300/ credit (GUR subjects)

Academic Division

Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design

Programme Features

The Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) is an articulation degree programme endeavouring to educate social workers who embrace their commitment in innovative and evidence-based professional practice with moral-ethical reflection, exerting professional impact in diversified socio-cultural-political contexts and practising leadership roles in human service settings.


Reflexive practice: To enhance our students’ reflexive social work practices with moral-ethical reflection

The students are equipped with cultural and social sensibilities articulated with social work theories and knowledge of Social Sciences. It prepares the students to make appropriate interventions in considering socio-cultural-political contexts to tackle social problems and difficulties faced by vulnerable and service users in the future.


Innovative-integrated practice: To strengthen our students’ innovative-integrated social work practices through interdisciplinary-collaborative learning experiences

Interdisciplinary-collaborative project is widely used in human services. It involves various professions from different disciplines working collaboratively to frame and construct innovative solutions for social problems. Interdisciplinary workshops and seminars on human services and social innovation are regularly organized for the students. It enables the students to integrate collaborative and innovative ideas into social work practices.


Evidence-based practice: To facilitate our students' integration of their social work practice with evidence-based knowledge

Evidence-based practice benefits social work practitioners and grounds their work with academic research, data and information in human services and practices. It empowers social workers to discover appropriate methods and evaluate existing services and practices. The programme curriculum is designed to develop the students’ evidence-based practice (EBP) competencies. It enables the students to systematically review, evaluate, implement and create social work practices and service models.


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Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design

Professional Recognition

This programme is recognised by the Social Workers Registration Board. Graduates are eligible to apply for registration as Registered Social Workers.


Future Prospects

Career Prospects

Graduates can become Registered Social Workers and work as Assistant Social Worker Officers in the social services sector. 


Further Study Opportunities

Graduates can pursue postgraduate studies such as Master of Social Work, Master of Social Science (Social Service Management), Master of Social Science (Social Policy) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Social Work and other related fields.

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete the following requirements with satisfactory results for an honours degree


RequirementsMinimum Credits
General University Requirements (GUR) Note 19
Cluster Area Requirements (CAR) 2 subjects, 3 credits each6
Service-Learning (SL) OR Free Elective1 subject, 3 credits3
Essential Components of General Education (non-credit bearing)


Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR)
(Please refer to the table below for details)
Compulsory10 subjects, 3 credits each (except “Social Work Theory and Practice II” which carries 6 credits)33
Elective4 subjects, 3 credits each12
Clinical/ Field

2 subjects, 1 credit and 8 credits respectively

Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Note 2
400 hours of work-based learning experienceN/A


Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR)


Foundation Note 3

  • Management in Human Services
  • Social Work Theory and Practice I

Compulsory (all 10 subjects)

  • Human Values, Social Justice and Social Work Ethics
  • Law and Social Work
  • Professional Chinese Communication for Social Sciences
  • Professional English Communication for Social Sciences
  • Programme Planning, Management and Evaluation
  • Research Methods for Social Research
  • Social Policy
  • Social Work Capstone Project
  • Social Work Integrative Seminar
  • Social Work Theory and Practice II

Elective#  - Social Work Integrative (any 3 subjects)

  • Criminal Justice and Social Work
  • Family and Social Work
  • Gender, Diversity and Social Work
  • Gerontology and Social Work
  • Health, Disability and Social Work
  • Mental Wellness and Social Work
  • Social Development and Social Work
  • Young People and Social Work

Elective#  - Social Sciences (any 1 subject)

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Culture, Politics and Power
  • Globalisation and Development
  • Issues in Hong Kong Society

Clinical/Field (all 2 subjects)

  • Advanced Professional Placement Note 4
  • Preparatory Workshop - Advanced Professional Placement

#Offering of any elective subjects is subject to sufficient enrolment.



  1. Students who have not met the equivalent standard of undergraduate degree Language and Communication Requirements (LCR) under GUR are required to take up to 9 additional credits in LCR (2 subjects in English & 1 subject in Chinese, 3 credits each). They will be advised if they are required to take LCR subjects on admission. 
  2. The completion of the placement subject "Advanced Professional Placement" will be considered as having fulfilled the WIE requirement. 
  3. Students who have not studied the related subject(s) in their social work sub-degree studies are required to take the corresponding foundation subject(s).
  4. Due to subject nature, the 8-credit fieldwork placement subject "Advanced Professional Placement” will be charged at a credit fee of HK$3,410 for local students and HK$3,750 for non-local students.

Entrance Requirements

Holder of Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in social work recognised by the Social Workers Registration Board.


Holder of Diploma in Social Work who has not studied subjects in human service management and/or social work theory and practice, is required to take the corresponding foundation subject(s) of up to 7 credits (one subject of 3 credits and/or another subject of 4 credits).



The main medium of instruction of the study programme concerned should be English.  An applicant who has completed the programme with other languages as the main medium of instruction should attain the following English Language requirement: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 (paper-based)/ 80 (Internet-based).