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Notes to Non-local Students and Instructions for Student Visa/Entry Permit Application


Notes to Non-local Students 非本地学生须知

  1. Introduction 简介

Non-local students are those who require a valid student visa/entry permit to study in Hong Kong.  When non-local students possess only a tourist visa, they can neither be registered as students nor be allowed to commence study until a student visa/ entry period is obtained.  


You are NOT required to apply for a student visa/ entry permit before studying in Hong Kong if you: 

  1. Hold a valid work permit and are going to study a part-time programme. 
  2. Hold a dependant visa / entry permit, which was issued by the Director of Immigration. 
  3. Hold a valid HKSAR Document of Identity for Visa Purposes, or a visa label issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department for unconditional stay.
  4. Are granted the permission to stay in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Immigration Department under the “Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates” (IANG) at the commencement of study.  You do not need a student visa during the permitted period of stay. But once your IANG expires, you will need to apply for a student visa. 
    在学习开始时,获得香港入境事务处根据“非本地毕业生留港╱回港就业安排” (IANG) 授予的在香港逗留许可。在允许的逗留期间内,你不需要学生签证。但是一旦你的 IANG 到期,你将需要申请学生签证。


You can visit for information regarding the immigration policy on study in Hong Kong.
你可以浏览 以了解有关入境香港就读的信息。


To apply for a student visa/ entry permit, you are required to complete the student visa/ entry permit application form and return it together with the required documents to our Office via express post or courier.  We will notify you details of settling the visa application fee by email separately. 


Please refer to the following pages for details on student visa/ entry permit application. You will be notified by email if our Office receives your visa application.


  1. Accommodation 住宿

Non-local students are required to arrange their own accommodation in Hong Kong.  You are advised to make the necessary arrangements for your residential place before your arrival. 

  1. Insurance 保险

You will be responsible for your own medical and dental costs during your stay in Hong Kong.  You are therefore required to take out an appropriate travel and health insurance scheme.
In addition to the student health services* provided by the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) and the public medical services, CPCE has also arranged a Group Personal Accident Insurance for all CPCE registered students.  The insurance only covers bodily injury occurs during activities organised by CPCE.  Therefore all non-local students must enrol in an appropriate insurance plan to protect themselves in case of accidents. 
除了专业及持续教育学院 (CPCE) 的学生健康服务*和公共医疗服务外,CPCE还为所有注册学生安排了团体人身意外保险。该保险只涵盖在CPCE举办的活动中发生的人身伤害。因此,所有非本地学生必须参加适当的保险计划,以在发生意外时得到保障。 

* Website 网站:

The insurance plan should cover the entire study period with the start date and end date matching the student’s flight departure date/ return flight arrival date and the following items:

  • Medical expenses (including out-patient, hospital expenses and accident) 
  • Personal accident (as the result of any illness, injury, disability or accident) 
  • Personal liability covering the legal liability of causing the death of a third party or property damage due to negligence
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains (due to accident/ illness/ other causes). 
    紧急医疗撤离和遗体遣返(因事故/ 疾病/ 其他原因)。


  1. Flight Arrangement 航班安排

You can arrange your flight as soon as the travel dates are confirmed but it is advisable that payments should only be made after you have received your student visa.  You should also pay attention to the terms and conditions of your air tickets, particularly the air tickets at special fares. 


You are expected to arrive at Hong Kong at least one week prior to the start of the semester.  When planning to return home, most non-local students depart after they finish the examinations of the last semester/ term of study.  The examination schedule will be announced in the middle of the semester/term in due course.  You are strongly advised NOT to confirm your return flight until you receive the examination timetable.  However, if you have to confirm the return date at the time you purchase the air ticket, please schedule the flight at the end of the examination period.


  1. Fees and Living Expenses 费用和生活费

Apart from the tuition fees, non-local students should keep the following costs in mind when you study in Hong Kong: air tickets, accommodation, visa application fee, insurance, daily expenses (food, transportation, laundry, etc.), textbooks and stationery. 


  1. Working in Hong Kong 在香港工作

Subject to the conditions of stay granted per the student visa/ entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, non-local students are normally not allowed to take up any employment, whether paid or unpaid; or establish or join in any business in Hong Kong. 

Student Visa Application 申請赴港學生簽證

  1. All non-local students who enter Hong Kong for the purpose of education are required to obtain a valid student visa/ entry permit before coming to Hong Kong.  To apply for a student visa/ entry permit, you are required to submit the following documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department via PolyU SPEED.  Please send the following documents by express post or courier to “Degree Section of CPCE Academic Registry, PolyU West Kowloon Campus, 9 Hoi Ting Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong” within 7 days after the payment deadline given on the debit note for the registration fee.
    所有来港就读的非本地学生必须在抵港前申请有效的赴港学生签证,你需要透过香港理工大学专业进修学院向香港入境事务处递交有关申请。 请把以下文件于注册费通知单内列明的缴费期限后 7 日内以快递方式寄到 “香港九龙油麻地海庭道9号 香港理工大学西九龙校园CPCE教务处 (Degree Section)”。


  1. Completed student visa application form ID995A (Sample 1) * with:-
    填妥的赴港学生签证申请表格 ID995A (样本 1)* 连同:-
    [ ID995A form download 表格下载网站:]
    •    One recent passport-size photo (55 x 45 mm) adhered to visa application form ID995A. 
          一张旅游证件近照(55 x 45 毫米)贴在签证申请表格 ID995A 上。
  2. A copy of the notice of offer/ acceptance letter from PolyU SPEED (printable PDF version). 
  3. A copy of your valid travel document(s) or identity document(s):
    •    For students from Mainland China: Mainland Chinese Identity Card (front and back pages) and Household Registration Card (Sample 2) *. 
         中國内地学生适用: 中华人民共和国居民身份证(正面及背面页)及常住人口登记证(样本 2)*。 
    •    For students from Macao: Macao Identity Card (front and back pages) and Visit Permit for Residents of Macao to HKSAR (Sample 3) *
         澳门学生适用: 澳门身份证(正面及背面页)及澳门居民往来香港特别行政区旅游证 (样本 3)*
    •    For students from Taiwan: Recent Taiwan Household Registration Record (Sample 4) * endorsed by Taiwan House Office (front and back pages), Taiwan Identity Card (front and back pages), and Passport (valid until at least 6 months after the end of the study period in Hong Kong)
         台湾学生适用: 台湾户籍誊本 (样本 4)*(正面及背面页)、台湾身份证(正面及背面页)及护照 (有效期至少至香港学习期结束后6个月)
    •    For students from other Countries: Passport (until at least 6 months after the end of the study period in Hong Kong)
         其他非本地生适用: 护照(有效期至少至香港学习期结束后6个月)
  4. For students from Mainland China, please also complete the declaration form to Immigration Department
    中国内地来港就读申请人请同时填写遞交香港入境事务处的申报书 。
  5. A copy of financial proof (Sample 5) * [you are required to produce a financial resource statement issued by your bank within 3 months which indicates that you have enough money to cover the tuition fees and living expenses for your period of study in Hong Kong.]
    If the financial proof is not under your name, your sponsor is required to provide a declaration of sponsor testifying that he/ she will financially support your study in Hong Kong and a copy of the sponsor’s Mainland Chinese Identity Card or passport (including the signature page).
  6. If you are a non-local student taking up the offer from a part-time postgraduate programme, you are also required to provide the following additional documents:
    •    Proof of your current employment (e.g., employment letter, tax returns).
    •    Fill in the “Supplementary Form for Part-time Students Applying for a Student Visa
         填写“兼读制学生签证申请 (附加表格)
    •    A copy of notarized Declaration of Identity for Visa Purpose (for students from Taiwan) (Sample 6).
         完成公证程序的身份陈述书副本(台湾学生适用)(样本6 ) 。

  7. Please DO NOT submit any original copy of the supporting documents (such as proofs and so forth).  All submitted documents will be sent to the Hong Kong Immigration Department and will not be returned. Please retain a copy for reference before sending the whole set of documents to our office.
    请勿提交证明文件正本。 所有提交的文件将递交至香港入境事务处,并不获退还。 在递交申请前,请自行复印所有表格及文件,以备日后查阅。


  1. To avoid unnecessary delay in processing your visa/ entry permit application, please provide all the required supporting documents to us in one go.  


  1. Upon receipt of all the above documents from you, the School will submit your application together with the visa sponsorship application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department (IMMD).  It normally takes 6 weeks to process a visa/entry permit application for study upon receipt of all the required documents. 
    当本校收到你交来的文件,会将你的签证申请、保证人申请书及有关资料送交香港入境事务处(入境处)。 签证申请处理一般需要六星期
  2. An administrative fee for student visa application will be charged by PolyU SPEED. Such fee is to be settled before obtainment of the approved visa.  As advised by IMMD, your visa application should be submitted through your education provider (sponsor), PolyU SPEED.  The visa application fee payable to the IMMD should therefore be settled by PolyU SPEED directly.  In light of this, please DO NOT make any direct payment to the IMMD.
    本校收到你交来的文件后将会向你收取签证行政费。 此费用须在获得批准的签证前缴付。 按入境处指示,你的学生签证申请应由保证人(香港理工大学专业进修学院)递交到入境处,因此本校将向入境处缴交相关申请费用。 不要直接向入境处缴交任何费用。
  3. If your visa application is successful, PolyU SPEED will send you an email notification with a link to download your e-Visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s website.
    当申请成功, 本校会以电邮通知,并附上下载「电子签证」的入境处网页的链接
  4. After downloading the “e-Visa” from the website, you MUST check and ensure that your name, study institution/programme and study duration shown on the documents are accurate.  If you find any discrepancy, please inform the School by email to immediately for the re-issuance of the relevant documents.  Any incorrect information may result in denial of entry.
    从网站下载「电子签证」后,你必须检查并确保文件上显示的你的姓名、就读院校/课程和就读期限准确无误。 如果你发现任何不符之处,请立即电邮通知本校,以便重新签发相关文件。 任何不正确的信息都可能导致你被拒绝入境。


  1. Activation of “e-Visa” 的激活

Please bring along the “e-Visa”, either save it in soft copy on a personal mobile device or print it on a sheet of A4 white paper, and your valid travel document(s) for arrival clearance upon entry to Hong Kong.  
申请人应携同电子签证 (可把该证的软复本储存在其个人流动装置上,或把该证打印在一张A4白纸上) 及有效旅游证件入境。
For students from the Mainland China, Taiwan or Macau, they SHOULD:

  1. For students from the Mainland China, upon receipt of the “e-Visa” (i.e. “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/ Permit”) [together with an “Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao” (EEP)], you should apply for a relevant exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau office where your household registration is kept.  If you do not obtain a valid ‘Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao’ (EEP), you are advised to apply for it beforehand.  You should bring along your EEP together with the "e-Visa” (i.e. “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/Permit”) for arrival clearance upon entry to Hong Kong. 
    如你是中國內地申請人,你必須憑「往来港澳通行证」及「电子签证」(入境签证/进入许可通知书)向你户口所在地的公安机关出入境管理部门申领相关赴港签注。 如未持有有效往来港澳通行证者,请及早办理有关申请。 请携带通行证及电子签证(入境签证/进入许可通知书)入境。
  2. For students from Macao, you should bring along your “e-Visa” (i.e. “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/ Permit”) and Visit Permit for Residents of Macao to HKSAR for arrival clearance upon entry to Hong Kong. 
  3. For students from Taiwan:
    •    Full-time students, you should bring along the “e-Visa” (i.e. “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/Permit”) and your passport for arrival clearance upon entry to Hong Kong.  If you need to re-enter Hong Kong at any time within the period of your permitted stay, you are required to apply for a multiple entry permit from the Hong Kong Immigration Department after arrival in Hong Kong.  Please download the application form (ID931) and guidance notes from the Immigration Department’s website at
         如你是入读全日制课程的台湾学生,你须携带「电子签证」(入境签证/进入许可通知书)及护照入境。 如须在批准居港期间多次进出香港,入境后必须向香港入境处申请多次入境许可证。 请于入境处网页内( 下载申请表 (ID931) 及有关资料。
    •    Part-time students, you should bring along the “e-Visa” (i.e. “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/Permit”) and the original Declaration Identity for Visa Purpose for arrival clearance upon entry to Hong Kong.


  1. For enquiry on student visa/ entry permit application, please contact our Office by email to 
    有关学生签证申请查询,可透过电邮 ( 与本处联络。 


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