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Professional Certificate in Advanced Practice in Sports Physiotherapy

Class Code


QF Level


Medium of Instruction

English supplemented with Cantonese

Duration & Contact Hours

6 months; 100 hours

Class Start Date

07 Jul 2024

Course Fee



Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

QR Registration Number


CEF Course Code


Class Date

Jul 2024 - Jan 2025 (Mainly on Sat and Sun)

Class Time

9:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Class Venue

PolyU Main Campus/ Sports Field

Application Status


Application Deadline

21 June 2024 (Friday)

Course Information


The public awareness on the need of sports physiotherapists was raised substantially. This course aims to provide physiotherapists with a specialization pathway to become sports physiotherapists with shorter study period to cater for the surging needs in sports physiotherapy services in Hong Kong.



a) This course is designed for registered physiotherapists aiming for providing pitchside or on-field sport physiotherapy professional services including pre-game preparation such as strapping, warm up or injury screening, acute injury management (such as injury assessment, making of physical diagnosis with clinical reasoning and decision making or implementation of emergency caring), as well as the sport rehabilitation and management of on-field event support at various setting of sports games or tournaments.


b) The concepts and principles on essentials of on-field physiotherapy, fundamental sports rehabilitation and injury prevention in different body regions will be delivered through classroom lectures. Interactive tutorials will be provided for students to integrate the concepts and apply their knowledge learned in the lectures. Practical sessions will be provided with emphasis on hands-on skills and techniques demonstration and peer practice under the guidance of the teacher.


c) This course will mainly focus sport injury analysis (SIA), sport injury prevention (SIP), sport injury management (SIM), sport injury rehabilitation (SIR) and sport performance enhancement (SPE) areas.


d) To nurture competent sports physiotherapists, SIA, SIP, SIM, SIR and SPE must be included in the whole education system.


This course will reinforce and advance the clinical knowledge, assessment and diagnostic skills and sport rehabilitation including clinical testing and assessment, clinical reasoning, contemporary functional testing, athletic profiling, physiological and biomechanical analysis, exercise therapy, performance enhancement as well as the science and art in making decision for return-to-sport.


Target Students

Hong Kong registered physiotherapists or holders of quotable qualifications approved by the Physiotherapists Board.


Intended Learning Outcomes

a) Identify the roles of sports physiotherapists and differentiate sports physiotherapists from other similar professionals, including the legal issues, professional standards and scope of practice relevant to sports physiotherapy; 


b) Formulate prophylactic strategies using critical and diagnostic thinking skills, with or without the use of advanced technology, software and apps, based on clinical anatomy, physiological adaptations, demand and context of sports and potential injuries of players;


c) Design evidence-based sport rehabilitative programmes and return- to-play strategies with clear considerations on milestones and criteria on progression to different phases for most injuries in team or individual sports with in-depth understanding on sport-specific demand in terms of exercise physiology, biomechanics, anatomy and facilities;


d) Integrate knowledge in tissues healing, fitness exercise prescription and training program formulation, progression and regression of exercises, training precautions and contraindications in consideration of physiological, biomechanical and pathological aspects;


e) Identify potential sport injuries and make provisional diagnoses by demonstrating proper assessments and clinical reasoning with understanding on clinical anatomy, mechanism and presentation of injuries as well as medical findings such as imaging; and


f) Formulate managing strategies of acute sport injuries and emergency medical conditions in different sport settings and events including delivering proper extrication and transport for injured players to medical facilities with essential communication and procedures in local and overseas situations.


Covering Topics

  • Essentials of On-field Physiotherapy
  • Immediate Care for Emergency, Traumatic and Medical Conditions
  • Principles of Injuries Prevention and Sports Rehabilitation
  • Assessment, Management, Rehabilitation and Return-to-Sport for Sport Injuries (Spinal region, Upper and Lower Limbs)
  • Practical Classes and On-field Practice*

(*On-field sessions: participants will be required to fulfill 22 hours between October 2024 and January 2025. It will be arranged based on participants' preference and availability. Details to be announced in July 2024.)


Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Classroom lectures

  • Practicum

  • On-field Practice


QF   This course is recognised under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) at Level 6 and is now available on Qualification Register (QR) (QR Registration No.: 23/000761/L6; Validity period from 15 August 2023).  For details of the HKQF, please visit the QR website:


CEF  This course has been included in the list of reimbursable course under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) (CEF Course Code: 41K156437). This course is recognized under the Qualification Framework (QF Level 6).  For details of the CEF, please visit the CEF website:

Entry Requirements

The applicants should be Hong Kong registered physiotherapists or holders of quotable qualifications approved by the Physiotherapists Board (please click here).


  • Prof. Amy FU

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences - PolyU

  • Mr Howard FONG

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences - PolyU

  • Ms Emma ZHOU

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

  • Mr Alex HO

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

  • Ms Cheuk Chi LAU

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

  • Mr Terence CHAU

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

  • Dr Arthur LEE

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

  • Dr Ken WU

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association


Professional Recognition

CPD code: UC2240002 (100 CPD points)


Students who have passed and completed an individual assignment, practical skills test and quiz, and attended at least 80% of the course will be presented with a Professional Certificate awarded by PolyU SPEED. This course can apply credit transfer (6 credits) for the MSc (Sports Physiotherapy) programme of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Application Procedures

Submission of Application


1.  Application form can be downloaded from this website.  Before completing the application form, please read carefully the "Guide for Applicants" on the form.


2.  Please submit one application form and settle the course fee by bank draft/ crossed cheque/ On-line Card Payment System for each course applied. For details of payment methods, please refer to Section 4 of the application form or this web page.


3.  Non-permanent residents of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) holding

(i) work visa/ entry permit; OR

(ii) visa/ entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) (except those from Mainland, Macao and Taiwan); OR

(iii) dependent visa/ entry permit (except those from Mainland, Macao and Taiwan), issued by the Director of Immigration of HKSAR Government may enroll in short-term courses in SPEED without seeking prior approval from the Director of Immigration.


These applicants are required to attach a copy of their identity document(s) and the valid visa/ entry permit to their application.  On admission, they will be required to provide the original identity document(s) and visa/ entry permit for verification. Throughout the course of study, it is the responsibility of individual students to ensure that their identity documents and visas/ entry permits are valid. Other non-local applicants can neither be registered as students nor commence their studies on the short-term courses in SPEED.


4.  Applications should be submitted on or before the deadline for application via one of the following means -

(a) By post:
Submit the completed application form, supporting document (copy of your certificate of registration/ annual practising certificate issued by Physiotherapists Board), a recent passport-size color photo and a copy of your HKID card/ valid visa/ entry permit (if applicable) together with the bank draft/ crossed cheque/ payment confirmation page (for online payment) to School of Professional Education and Executive Development, HHB-404, 4/F, PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus, 8 Hung Lok Road, Hung Hom,Kowloon.


(b) By e-mail (for application with payment settled via online system only):
Submit the completed application form, supporting document (copy of your certificate of registration/ annual practising certificate issued by Physiotherapists Board),a recent passport-size color photo and a copy of your HKID card/ valid visa/ entry permit (if applicable) together with the payment confirmation page by e-mail to


5.  Applicants will be notified of their application results via email by the School after the application is closed.  Please contact the School if you do not receive any notification 1 week before course commencement.  For unsuccessful applications, course fees paid will be refunded to the applicants.



Payment Methods for Course Fee


Please choose either one of the following payment methods for course fee


(1)  Bank Draft/ Crossed Cheque

You could submit a bank draft/ crossed cheque (made payable to "The Hong Kong Polytechnic University") by post or by hand.  Please write your name, the course code and class code at the back of the bank draft/ crossed cheque.  Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.


(2)  On-line Card Payment System (by FPS/ Visa/ Master/ China UnionPay card)
You could settle the course fee via On-line Card Payment System by FPS/ Visa/ Master/ China UnionPay card.  For successful payment, please print the payment confirmation page for record and quote the invoice number (as shown on the payment confirmation page) on Section 4 of the application form. No separate hardcopy of the payment receipt will be issued for you.


According to the School's Refund Policy, course fees paid are normally not refundable, except cases of unsuccessful applications/ course cancellation.  Fees paid and places allocated are not transferrable.


Assistant Programme Officer

Ms Abby Li

3746 0696


Administrative Assistant

Ms Ann Tsai

3746 0968


General Enquiry:3746 0360


Please click below link to veiw the timetable.

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